Houses That Work Green Building Seminar, Maui 2008

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A look at the Green Building insdustry & Maui’s 1st female Eco-Broker

Green Real Estate refers to property designed or built to reduce environmental impacts; create a safer, more efficient living or working environment; reduce operating costs; and improve occupant health.

Recently, I, Meghan Clair collaborated with other eco-minded individuals on Maui to organize and advertise the Energy and Environmental Building Association’s (EEBA) Houses That Work “Green Building” Seminar. This lecture was this first of its kind on Maui, focusing on the construction aspects and sales strategies for high performance homes.

This extremely educational and successfully attended event was hosted at the Maui Community College by a variety of sponsors on March 20th. Sponsors, including the newly formed Sustainable Living Institute of Maui (SLIM), MECO, Windermere Real Estate Wailea LLC, Hawaii Premier Mortgage, The University of Hawaii, Homes and Land Magazine, and Green Building LLC were all involved with the events promotion and success.

The green building seminar was presented by Gord Cooke an EEBA certified trainer. Gord, an instructor, author and industry consultant, has been an effective and passionate educator and advocate for better building practices, improved indoor air quality and energy efficiency during the past two decades across North America. Gord, was a fabulous presenter and truly assisted local professionals interested in green building by expanding their knowledge and applicable salesmanship strategies for the industry.

“Green Building” is important!!! Participants gained a much deeper understanding of the technical features of new homes and the dozens of valuable benefits they offer to home buyers in addition to how to market such properties. While many Maui Residents are taking steps to make their homes more environmentally friendly, the state of Hawaii is working with the federal government to dramatically increase the island chain’s use of renewable energy resources. Planning for more environmentally friendly development helps preserve our islands, creates jobs, and makes monthly living expenses more affordable for locals.

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