USA TODAY Article says “Green Houses are the Mainstream”

The Good Home, Maui, Hawaii
LEED Certified Residential Property

The Good Home is an example of excellent green building, but it also is a beautiful home. Shane Jackson, one of the creators of The Good Home, explains the purpose very simply. β€œThe Good Home is proof that maximizing sustainability does not mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics, value or quality.”


Eco-friendly homes move into mainstream

Author:Charisse Jones, USA TODAY

“You’re beginning to see critical mass, beginning to see it not just be a niche,” says Calli Schmidt, director of environmental communications for the National Association of Home Builders, a group of more than 800 state and local home building organizations. “It’s pretty much the future of building.”Growing awareness among builders and home buyers of environmentally friendly building materials and methods β€” plus government efforts to address climate change β€” are fueling the focus on eco-friendly single-family homes, environmental advocates say.

“We’re starting to see a greater focus on incentivizing green residential building,” says Jason Hartke of the U.S. Green Building Council, a collective based in Washington, D.C. The council’s guidelines for environmentally friendly buildings are the industry standard. “When you think about the idea that 40% of our carbon emissions in the U.S. comes from buildings, and about half of that is residential, we’ve got to address all our building types.”

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