Hawaii goal: 70% of energy with alternative sources by 2030

Though Hawaii announced its goal of producing 70% of its total energy needs from renewable sources by 2030 back in January, the program got further support yesterday with the announcement that a “historic accord” has been reached between the current state government and the Hawaiian Electric Company.

Though the details of many of the agreements points have yet to be worked out, what is planned is certainly a step in the right direction. Here they are:

Ban on Coal Plants, Increased RPS, Feed-in-Tariff Creation, Biofuels

The Renewable Portfolio Standard for electricity is doubled to 40% by 2030.

A new feed-in-tariff system will be created to encourage renewable energy installation. Details on how much different renewable energy technologies will be receiving have not been disclosed. Conversion of existing fossil fuel generating plants to “renewable biofuels, ultimately using crops grown locally and in a sustainable manner.” Currently Hawaii generates about three-quarters of its electricity from oil-fired plants. A prohibition on construction of any new coal plants in Hawaii.

Solar Hot Water Program Expanded
In addtion to a mandatory installation of solar water heaters on all new developments by 2010, there wil be an expansion of the Pay-As-You-Save program, under which customers can install solar hot water systems with no money down.

Transmission Grid Integration
Construction on an undersea cable connecting Maui, Molokai and Lanai into one electric grid so that 400 MW of wind power generated on Maui can be transmitted to Oahu. Integration of 1100 MW of “already identified additional renewable energy” into the grid, 700 MW of which will be done within five years.

The complete list of items to be implemented under the agreement is available here: Hawaiian Electric Company

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