How much does it cost for Solar Water Heaters on Maui???

Hawaii is an ideal candidate for alternative energy solutions. It’s an island, meaning any outside fuels must be shipped directly to the state (and each various island). Furthermore, it has an abundance of natural energy gifts – active geothermal energy, powerful wind cycles, easy access to tidal, and a whole lotta’ sun.

It’s no surprise then, that Hawaii has now created a new mandate for new homes built in the state – solar hot water heaters must now be included in any new home construction!

Solar water heaters can lower your Electric usage by up to 85%!!! Read below for costs and discounts for Solar Water Heater Technology

Solar Water Heater
120-gal Solar Water Heating System

System Cost: $5,100
MECO Rebate: $1,000
Fed Tax Credit: $1,230
HI Tax Credit: $1,004.50

NET COST: $1,865.50

Average Electric Bill Savings $75.00/Mo.
Yearly Savings: $ 900.00
Estimated Payback Period 2+ years

WWW.MAUISOLAR.COM for more information!

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