Clean Energy for Maui

Article by: Chris Mentzel, CEO of Clean Energy Maui LLC
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With abundant natural energies, a small island topography that includes almost all of the world’s climate zones and an outdated oil-based electricity system that has become the nation’s most expensive, Maui is the ideal place in the world for developing and showcasing the clean energy future. By presenting our solutions to almost 2.3 million affluent visitors, we can inspire and change people all over the world.

By declaring it a county and state policy to make Maui oil-free by 2020, government can set the stage for a surge of innovation at the private and public level. Maui can be the center of the world for clean energy technologies, attracting visitors from all over the planet to study our model economy and bring technologies and investments with them.

No place on earth has a policy to become oil-free by 2020. Iceland with its leading hydrogen economy plans to be off oil in 2050. Sweden with its unique zeal for independence has a plan for 2020 to reduce oil use by 70%. In the U.S. the states of Hawaii and California are leading with their planned emission reductions.

Let’s go 100%! Maui can be the first oil-free economy in the world and benefit from the enormous publicity and worldwide attention that comes with it. We need to act now, before someone else has the same idea.

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  1. I’m in complete agreement as to the synergy of necessity, possibility and opportunity that is represented by the drive to transform Maui with renewables and enhanced focus on conservation and sustainability. My main frustration is the apparent lack of community involvement. I’d like to see an independent publication that has as its format the various ideas and programs that will help make Maui Oil Independence a reality. The goals of CEM are appropriate, but there needs to be a more proactive approach to providing information to the community.
    I would love to get involved with your organization and do as much as possible to help reach the stated goals of CEM.

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