EcoBroker Meghan Clair Interviewed by Netra Halperin


Please watch this video where I am interviewed by County Council candidate Netra Halperin at the Wailuku First Friday Event!

Scroll to 5 min 38 seconds to start at my interview.


Luxury Home Magazine: Green article by EcoBroker M. Clair


It pays to think GREEN when investing in Real Estate

Green Real Estate refers to a property designed or built to reduce environmental impacts; create a safer, more efficient living or working environment; reduce operating cost; and improve occupant health.

Recently, “Going Green” has become not just a hot trend, but a new lifestyle choice for many, and rightly so. The reality is that our natural resources are limited and as a human race we need to develop better technology and life choices for accommodating population growth and the damage caused by pollution.

In the past decade, the “Green” trend has spread in to the building and housing market and the concept is becoming increasingly more popular. What people may not know yet, is that in addition to making your home healthier to occupy, and less expensive to operate, implementing Green features into homes is a great avenue to make them more marketable for sale.

Some common eco-improvements for existing homes include: Solar water heaters, Attic and Wall Insulation, Low E-Coating windows, Photovoltaic Cells for converting Solar Energy into electricity, Energy efficient appliances, or even by landscaping with Native plants.

If all these options are not immediate alternatives for your family, you can still make smarter choices at home to be more eco-aware. Recycle, buy compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), reduce your water consumption, and use less electricity when possible, or grow your own food!

Please click on the link below to read the entire article “It pays to think Green when investing in Real Estate” written by Maui’s first female EcoBroker, Meghan Clair


Hawaii Plastic Bag Reduction Bill Passed Unanimously 8/22/08

The plastic bag reduction bill, which prohibits businesses from providing plastic bags to customers at check-out counters, passed its second and third reading at the Maui County Council meeting on Aug. 22. The bill was passed unanimously at the meeting with no amendments made, and will come into effect on Jan. 11, 2011.

Councilmember Michael Molina introduced the bill in July because of the harmful effects plastic bags have on the environment. He said he is very pleased about the unanimous vote.

(use Reusable Bags like Chico Bags instead of Plastic Bags)

“It is especially important here in Hawaii where we have a strong spiritual and emotional connection to the land and the water,” said Molina.

Protect the Aina!

He said 2011 date was set to let people adjust to the new concept and to provide retailers with enough time to exhaust their supply of plastic bags and think of a more environmentally-friendly alternative. The date also gives the Environmental Management committee time to come up with rules to enforce the new law.

The plastic bag reduction bill bans only plastic bags provided at check-out counters. It does not apply to plastic bags used for meat and vegetables, or garbage bags.


Maui Film Festival 2008 Goes Solar!!!


It’s that time of year again…The 2008 Maui Film Festival is approaching and the event is going green!

“At the request Barry Rivers, diretor of the Maui Film Festival, Rising Sun Solar has installed a 1.25kW Solar Electric system on the carport of the Four Season Resort to power the Sand Dance Film Festival. This is the first step in realizing the Maui Film Festival’s ultimate goal to have a 100% carbon neutral event.”


Please contact Meghan Clair, Maui’s EcoBroker to learn more about the benefits of Solar installation.